Retail Design / Rebranding


Trends come and go, but looking at Retail design on the premium level, there is a more evolutionary development emerging as the Retailers come to understand that consumers want a more authentic shopping experience.
As a reflection of a more cynical and cautious consumer, smart retailers increasingly try to minimize the impression of commercialism, homogenized prototypes and pretense.
This translates into store designs that use indigenous, authentic materials and palettes and introduce references to local neighbourhoods.
The task was to streamline the Lucas Fox Lounges – make the appearance more consisting while respecting the existing design guidelines and reinforce the Lucas Fox Strategy.
My intention is to help the lounges enhance a warmth character and timeless bohemian flair by adding a tactile decorational layer.
Each shop does have a decoration concept & material concept that reflects the area. There are Lucas Fox shops all over Spain – every area needs a authentic look – so the material scheme changed accordingly.
I introduced key elements which link the shop together – I like to think about them and different rooms of the same house.